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Firepot Eco Packaging

Our compostable eco packaging is designed as an alternative to our main range of yellow plastic pouches, while still featuring the same nutritious, delicious meal options.

These compostable bags are made from bio-based sources, including sugar cane, which means they should disintegrate within a year in compost — faster if the levels of warmth, moisture and air exposure are right.

These bio meals must be cooked in a pan, not in the bag like our regular range of meals.

In time, we hope to develop a fully compostable range of meals that can also be cooked conveniently in the packet — a sophisticated leap in technology that’s still eluding the industry, but an issue we will continue to push as our company does everything it can to reduce its impact on the environment.

The difference between biodegradable and compostable

There is a critical difference between biodegradable and compostable materials — so often paraded as the same thing in commercial contexts.It boils down to this: everything will biodegrade given enough time, even plastic. The trouble is, when plastic degrades, it breaks down into smaller pieces consumed by marine life and absorbed by microorganisms. We wanted to use durable materials that are compostable, which means the food chain isn’t polluted at any level.

Preparation instructions

Your compostable Firepot meal comes with clear instructions regarding water levels and cooking options on the back of the pouch. Simply prepare the food in a pan with water, stir and enjoy.

Disposing of the packets

To dispose of your pouches in an environmentally-friendly way, we recommend that you either:

Place them in compost
Our pouches are certified for home and industrial compost, and meet food regulation requirements in Europe and the USA*. The ideal conditions for compost include warm temperatures and exposure to air. The composted materials can then be used as fertiliser.

Throw them away in household waste
Not everyone has access to compost facilities. While throwing your compostable pouch into common household waste means it will end up in landfill, it will still compost down to nothing in time. It can take plastic over 500 years to break down.

Please note: Do not put these packets in your recycling bin, as they are compostable not recyclable. Please do not bury them outdoors, as they need guaranteed warmth, moisture and air to decompose quickly.

We hope you will continue to enjoy the same home-cooked flavours in our compostable bags.

Our compostable packaging in action

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